Thanks for choosing We are a start-up consultant company which possesses both the expertise and experienced professionals to advise you what to do and how to implement your Business plans into a successful and compliant course of action without involving much time, effort and our money. Startup is providing all types of startup consultancy services, registration and licenses services. You are abide to our terms and conditions once you accept to take our professional services. Kindly read them carefully once accepting the offer.
We are using English language for writing all the terms and conditions, if anyone is not familiar about such language, it is requested to take professional advised or guidance in this regard so that no fraud can done to you.
We are providing diverse range of services, hence some additional condition may vary according to the type of services you are choosing. All the additional terms are available with the services or will be introduced in future. Prior intimation shall be given to all the users before modifying or updating any terms or conditions of this agreement. All the information related to the change shall be given to this page, every user is requested to keep tracking such changes.


Startup shall not be liable for any loss occur during the usage of services. The services which are provided will be as per the data available or information provided from your side, any hidden information or wrong intention to hide data are not acceptable. All the loss suffered due to such intention shall be borne by the client itself. We don’t provide any kind of warranties, whether express or implied and other confirmation regarding implied warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, non-infringement or course of performance. This disclaimer of risk applies to any harm or injury brought about by any failure of performance, exclusion, interference, error, omission, imperfection, delay in activity or transmission, work station worm, communication line
failure, robbery, alteration in use of records or operation of the service, whether for breach of agreement, tortious conduct, carelessness or some other reason for activity
We make no guarantees of any sort, express or inferred, about the completeness, reliability, suitability, accuracy or availability of content contained on the service for any reason. We deny any express or implied guarantee, representation or assurance with regards to the viability or benefit of the service or that the activity of our administration will be continuous or mistaken free. We are not accountable for the concerns of any disruptions in the service.


When you register yourself on the website, the following information is collected from you and stored securely on a server operated and managed by Support Team of Startup
• Name
• Phone number
• Email ID
• Company Name
• And other personal or business details.
This application helps to track your work Progress in a mean time, renew your package details without spending your time in finding any executive and search all the services or details about such services in few minutes.


All the certificates, information uploaded are kept secured in Startup Fundwala.comdata server. No information, certificates, financials are forwarded to any third party or can be forwarded with prior consent of owner of such certificate.


Before creating your account it is advised to understand all the terms and conditions as the same is subjected to legal offences (if may occur). Minors are restricted to use this application, or it is considered that your parents are well aware of your Startup Fundwala.comAccount and activities are that are conducted on behalf of minority.


User is required to provide us authentic and correct information or personal details while creating your Startup Account and membership Subcription. This is create a trust between both the parties and one can stop the fraudulent activities from India. All the important updates about your work, payment, challans and package details will be informed to the registered mail ID and Contact Number. All your personal details, your company details are kept secured with are team and are not shared to any other party for profit making purpose.


All the communication shall be done through registered E-mail ID or number. User can change this number or Email Id at any time by contacting our support team or any employee of Startup . .


• No assignment are considered which are prohibited under law.
• User must not hide any important information required for any assignment.
• User must specify all the legal actions take on him, upfrontly. If any harm arises due to such hidden intention Startup Fundwala.comshall not be responsible.
• No virus/spam is to be circulated using Startup Web.
• Content, Videos, Images available in the application or website shall not be misused or shall not be used by any third party.
Any violation of above mentioned condition, user shall be liable for strict penal provisions. He/she is abide by law and Team Startup Fundwala.comcan sue the party legally.


All the content available are refined and uploaded by our professional team with appropriate guidance. No user or community is harm from this information. If any content or information available is wrong, user may complaint about such mistakes on
• a) As a registered user, you have the right to access your profile at any time to add, remove or modify any registration information that you have provided.
• b) Member have a right to ask all their certificate, company information or documents at any time by intimating their requirements on
• c)User have a right to terminate their package at any time, subject to within the terms and conditions of company policy, and ask for all the company document or certificates.


 • Client has the choice to take either refund amount or to avail another services to the extent of refund amount only. • The refund shall not be provided in non-working days. • The maximum time for initiating the refund is 180 working days. • Refund amount shall be deposited to Client Account or can be done through electronic transfer only. • A proper professional team shall be allotted to respective cases and after hearing all the cases the refund shall be initiated. • All the necessary proof shall be disclosed by the client for getting refund. No refund will be provided if no documentary evidence is provided for the case. • Refund cannot be done for the cases which were closed already and 3 months has been lapsed. • No refund shall be provided if the service gets delayed due to any un-avoidable circumstances or any pandemic situation. • No refund shall be done if 70% of the contract is completed. • No refund shall be made is the intention of the client is to just make money from such refund or to harm the goodwill of • Once the request has been initiated by the client, our support team will investigate the case and will come into a decision which shall be accepted by all the parties involved.


Those Users whose intention is to harm the company policies or goodwill shall be strictly charged under the Indian Penal Code 1860. Such users shall be remained under blacklist of the company and shall be allowed to be part of our Startup Family again for Lifetime.

Revision of Privacy Policy

We will post any changes to this Privacy Policy on the Startup website from time to time, along with information on any material changes so as to keep updated. Without prior notice, Startup reserves the right to update or modify this Policy and any Specific Privacy Statements at any time. Any modifications will apply only to the personal information we may have collected and those we will collect after the posting. Provided that the Policy changed in a material/written way, a notice will be posted, along with the updated Privacy Policy, on our website.
The user agrees that the User is responsible for ensuring changes to the Privacy Policy by visiting the website pages from time to time. Each amended provision applies immediately and effectively legally binds the use of the Application by the User without requiring further approval so that the User is deemed to have known, understood and agreed to the changes if the User continues to use, access or utilize the website.