About Startup Fundwala.com and how to reach us?

Startup Fundwala.com is a online web portal start-up consulting services handeled and powered by Lazix Finoserv Consultency in india.There are some basic points for accounting firms to contribute to start-ups and if you want to know more, contact us via call or e-mail or WhatsApp or you may visit our website too. We, Startup Fundwala.com, are the best and the leading start-up business consultancy firm in India, Headquartered in Gujarat, along with various branch offices in different parts of India, like Mumbai, Lucknow, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Bengaluru, and many more to come. We have vast experience and possess trained personnel to take care of every process that is required by our customers.

Why to choose Startup Fundwala.com over others?

Startup Fundwala.com, a firm that is considered to be one of the best start-up consultants in India, is a firm that is specialized in working with start-ups. Working with one of the best accounting firms, to have your books audited is a necessary step on your way to becoming a reputable company in the marketplace. Audited financial statements are frequently required by banks and investors. This gives us a level of legitimacy to your financial statements because they have been verified by a third party. We, a business start-up consultancy firm having branch at delhi, also ensure that they are consistent with the current standards for your industry so that your financial statements are comparable and applicable.

What is a start-up consultant and what do they do?

A start-up consultant is a professional that possesses both the expertise and experience to advise us what to do and how to implement our plans into action without involving much time, effort and our money. Working with a consulting firm in this regard is also beneficial to the start-up company because they can leverage the expertise of a group of professionals that have worked in many different environments, so they bring a lot to the table. Administration firms can help a company which is a start-up consulting services in India with regular ongoing tasks like payroll set-up and processing, bookkeeping, financial statement preparation, financial analysis, and budgeting or forecasting, as well as providing more sophisticated services such as merger and acquisition, due diligence, national and international expansion, restructuring, audit and IPO preparation, fund formation and other initiatives.

A tax preparation firm is engaged on an annual basis and there is a flat fee for the tax return preparation. But we, a business start-up consultant having branch in Surat, can handle this. We, a business start-up consultancy firm, having branch in Surat, performs bookkeeping, computation of tax, pay your taxes, provide you with MIS reports, set your business’ systems and processes in place, handle all the accounting and taxation related issues (like salary restructuring, and managing payroll, registering and acquiring for various statutory requirements, administrative-accounting like invoice creation, cheque writing, etc.)

Role of audit process

Adding further, the audit process sheds light on best practices and internal controls to ensure your company is operating at the highest level of efficiency and integrity. Simply stating, it means an audit is usually not necessary a good use of resources, as they are quite expensive and a bit time consuming too, until a few years into the company’s operations and the company is on its way to become profitable. We, a business start-up consultant, having branch at lucknow ensure this too.

Link between accounting of taxes and filing of returns

Finally, start-up companies work with accounting firms for tax consulting and return preparation. Tax work is basically a separate function from the back office accounting function. This is because of our tax laws are extremely full of complexities, such that staying in the know is a specialty.

Why it is done?

The law requires it to be done.
To minimize the amount of taxes that have to be paid, legally.
So that you do not have to go to jail.
All businesses’ especially start-ups should have an understanding of where their business stands and how well or badly they are doing.
Minimize, if not remove the haphazardness, that is bound to be prevalent in all the start-ups.
This is one of the most important points that will let you focus on growing your core business while functions like accounting, which are important, but not essential are being handled by experienced people who know accounting and taxation.

Services offered by Startup Fundwala. com in different branches….
Startup Fundwala.com, a leading business start-up consultancy firm in Surat too, provides the main services like accounting services, accounts receivable, sales order generation, invoicing, receiving payments, accounts receivable report generation, accounts payable, purchase order generation, entering vendor bills, entering payments to vendors, accounts payable report generation, updating chart of accounts, bank reconciliation, credit card reconciliation, inventory maintenance, reconciliation, general ledger maintenance, accounts reconciliation, closing accounts, generating trial balance, etc.

Start-up accounting firms like ours can also provide advanced accounting services on the following mentioned list like financial analysis, ratio analysis, preparation of financial statements, analysis of financial statements, budgeting solutions, cash flow management, preparation of cash flow statement, analysis of cash flow statement, preparation of income statement, preparation of Balance Sheet, preparation of Management Information Reports, preparing monthly, quarterly and annual management reports, generating customized reports as per the requirements, etc.

Contributions of an accounting firm to a start-up
Contributions of an accounting firm to a start-up

The right accounting firm can contribute a lot to the start-ups, like quantitative and qualitative contributions. Some of them are mentioned below:

Qualitative Contributions
Qualitative Contributions

Best practices

The right accounting and finance partner will have industry experience and can help you avoid the pitfalls that others have encountered. They can tell if you are on track or if you are normally compared to other start-ups, and recommend the best way to do things.


it is advisable to maintain healthy ones with VCs, angel investors, lawyers, bankers, developers, recruiters, wealth managers, etc.

Impact left by a CFO on the growth of a start-up

A CFO can positively impact a start-up’s growth in a myriad of ways. There are some mentioned hereunder:

Identifying strengths and competitive advantage. Adding further, they manage P&L, a CFO has deep insight into where your company is making money, including what drives the biggest ROI.
Assessing your financial health, including where you should cut your losses.Identifying strategic partnerships.Supporting equity and debt negotiations.Setting up: whether it be business licenses, incorporation filings, systems implementation, or policies and procedures.Handling everything from day-to-day accounting to tax preparation and filing.

Necessary requirements of a start-up concern
As per the start-up concern, Bank Reconciliation Services are mandatory to be maintained to keep a track of your current finances and obtain a distinct point of view of where your company stands monetarily. Mentioned here are some of the points that accounting firms contribute to their start-ups like quick rectification of discrepancies, eliminating protracted litigation, pre-empting fraudulent transactions, audit accuracy, etc.